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EOS Crop Monitoring

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Making agriculture easy with space technologies

  • Save Time
  • Reduce Cost
  • Improve Yields

Easy-to-use satellite field monitoring

Profitable VRA farming approach

Reliable weather forecast & historical data

Core Platform’s Features:

Watch a quick overview of the EOSDA Crop Monitoring: how to use it and what are its key features and advantages. How to track crop health using vegetation indices? What’s unique about our weather analytics? How can our platform make scouting more efficient? Why is zoning a money saver?


Tailored solutions to suit everyone


  • Farming is complex.
  • EOSDA Crop Monitoring is easy.
  • Sit back and grow, manage, profit.

Worried about the state of crops when you're not looking?

Based on satellite images, EOSDA Crop Monitoring helps farmers to manage multiple fields, cut costs on resources and take reliable decisions. Big data covers big issues.

  • Easy-to-read maps
  • Data-driven decisions
  • AI cloud mask
  • Vegetation indices
  • Field leaderboard

 NDVI index map of the fieldTired of wasting your budget on inefficient fertilizing methods?

Variable rate application will help you save up to 20% on seeds and fertilizers. Use zoning to reveal your field's true productivity and vegetation maps.
  • Productivity maps
  • Vegetation maps
  • Prescription maps
  • Compatibility with top manufacturers equipment

field details for productivity mapProblems with your crops go unnoticed until it's way too late?

Satellite monitoring allows for early and more accurate problem areas detection. Scouts do not get sent for a wild goose chase!

  • On-field changes notifications
  • Precise problem area detection
  • Downloadable scout reports
  • Mobile app to assist scouts

fields managerUnexpected weather events tamper with your crops productivity levels?

Solution: a 14-day weather forecast for each individual field for a more flexible planning

  • Historical weather data archive
  • Reliable 14-day weather forecast
  • Weather risk assessment

weather analytics

Find it extremely hard to keep track of all your field activities throughout the season?

Field activity log allows you to effortlessly plan and monitor all of your field activities for all of the crops in one place. Now it's all under control.
  • Easy-to-handle activity organizer and planner
  • Notifications about deviations from schedule (coming soon)
  • Notifications about equipment failure (coming soon)
  • Automated activity cost estimation
  • Analysis of costs, deviations from schedule, and more
  • Machinery and equipment allocation


Satellite Monitoring

We rely on the latest satellite data, processed and analyzed with widely-used and custom algorithms, such as field contours, tile-based map rendering, VI dynamics, cloud/shadow mapping, change detection, among others. Monitor multiple fields at once, track the VI change in correlation with the weather, growth stages, crop rotation, and other data. Get notified via email and make precision-driven decisions, thus increasing yields and revenue.

Manage your team effectively and effortlessly - maximize yields
  • Manage access settings for team members
  • Assign tasks & manage their completion
  • Save time on managing your team

Observe crops with more precision to get better profits from every hectare
  • Find problem spots in time
  • Record field observations on-the-go
  • Schedule corrective actions

Weather data

Historical weather available since 2008 and a reliable 14-day forecast.
Get access to daily and accumulated temperatures and precipitation rates since 2008 for any of your fields.

Use the Forecast feature to plan your field activities for two weeks ahead.


Create vegetation and productivity maps to identify problem areas on the field with more precision. Use this data to enhance variable rate application of seeds and fertilizers, reduce costs and improve yields. Zoning is an indispensable tool for precision agriculture.

Enhance precision farming with daily updated high-resolution satellite imagery

Deep dive into details at a 3m resolution
Near real-time monitoring thanks to daily satellite images

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