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Seeking agricultural credit to acquire essential tools for modernizing farming practices, such as drones, advanced software, and other agricultural necessities. Enhancing productivity and efficiency through technology driven solutions in agriculture. Agrobyte partnered with Ascentium Capital,

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Agrobyte is authorized DJI reseller.

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Agrobyte is authorized with all digital agriculture software like Pix4D, Solvi & many more.

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The most powerful field analytics software for precision agriculture

We help agricultural and forestry professionals and companies to gain a competitive advantage with highly precise field data.

Agremo precision agriculture software is based on human expertise, backed by scientific research, and augmented with artificial intelligence.

Advantages of Our Software

Easy to use

Agremo software and reports are easy to run and understand. They are designed to meet the needs of both beginners and professionals.

Any drone or camera is all you need

Agremo works with all commercially available drones and most common sensors, such as RGB and multispectral.

The Most Accurate analyses for your field

We use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision to identify, classify and quantify complex patterns within image data. Our analyses are up to 98% accurate.

Better Insights than NDVI

Agremo results come from multiple sources that can see more than just differences in color. We can detect anomalies even if it can seem regular at the first sight and thus provide reliable results.

Human Expertise augmented with technology

Our algorithms are developed by using customer data from thousands of fields. Knowledge base is trained by experts to make sure the users get reliable results for over 100 crops.

Expert Content helps grow your knowledge

Our knowledge base is maintained by industry experts. Improve your skills and processes by applying tips on drone application in agriculture, check application examples and case studies.


  • Increase productivity throughout the season
  • Easier plant monitoring and counting
  • Monitor crop development
  • Detect and reduce plant stress on time
  • Manage input costs and maximize crop performance
  • Easier crop protection guidance and nutrient management
  • Time-efficient field scouting and planning
  • Improve crop performance
  • Increase profit and reduce input costs
  • Objective and complete data analysis


  • Remote field trials monitoring based on drone data
  • More accurate micro-plot statistics
  • Analyze the growth of plants
  • Monitor the input efficiency
  • Improve R&D processes


  • Precise and automated monitoring processes
  • Faster and easier collection of data
  • Accurate and reliable insights about company products
  • Improved decision-making and more cost-effective solutions


  • Efficient field monitoring and risk assessment
  • Quick and accurate field auditing
  • Improved fraud detection and prevention
  • Innovative and affordable insurance products
  • Avoidance of over paying the damage insurance


  • Easier market share expansion
  • Simpler approach to new clients
  • Stronger relationships with recurring clients
  • Increased profit and reasonable ROI


  • Quick and affordable tree counting
  • Accurate tree monitoring, damage assessment and lumber potential
  • Easy and detailed tree auditing
  • Accurate stocking level for thinning purposes & thinning zones
  • Precise projection and planning

What precision agriculture reports do you need?

Plant Stress

  • Identify and quantify zones of (potential) stress
  • Act timely with the most adequate measures
  • Increase yield potential

Weed Detection

  • Spot weed-infested areas in time
  • Take immediate effective in-season corrective measures
  • Get precise spraying maps

Green Snap Detection

  • Identify and classify areas with broken plants in the field
  • Locate and quantify the crop damage

Lodging Detection

  • Detect and classify areas with lodged plants
  • Locate and quantify the crop damage

Stand Count

  • Get the precise number of plants in a specific area
  • Assess field damages
  • Know the zones of potential yield losses

Plant Vigor

  • Get data on the exact location, condition, strength, and lushness of vegetation
  • Optimize the usage of inputs, save on them and prevent over-application

Plant Vigor

  • Get data on the exact location, condition, strength, and lushness of vegetation
  • Optimize the usage of inputs, save on them and prevent over-application

Waterlogging Detection

  • Quickly and accurately locate all potential waterlogged areas in your field
  • Reduce the negative effects of waterlogging, regardless of the field size and crop sort

Canopy Cover

  • Get vital data on vegetation conditions and primary plant productivity
  • Get the necessary details regarding the leaf area index (LAI)
  • Determine the most optimal LAI for the fruits, vegetables, or cereals

Plant Count and Size Analysis

  • Count all plants in the field, such as leafy greens, trees, or orchard tree fruits.
  • Classify them per user-set size parameters, and filter out the counted plants per size.
  • Prepare the harvest operation per yield-ready zones

About Agrobyte

At AgroByte, we are at the forefront of the digital agriculture revolution. Our mission is to empower farmers and agribusinesses with innovative solutions that drive efficiency, sustainability, and profitability. Through the seamless integration of technology and agriculture, we are transforming the way farming is done.

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  • Premium Customer Service

    AgroByte's Premium Customer Service provides you with dedicated customer support that is just a phone call or email away. Our team of knowledgeable and friendly experts is ready to address your questions, concerns, and technical inquiries promptly and efficiently.

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  • AgroByte Experience

    Our team consists of experts in the field of digital agriculture, who have extensive knowledge and experience in using drones, software solutions, and innovative technologies to improve crop yields, automate processes, and minimize the environmental impact of farming practices.

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