Luis Escobedo

CEO and Founder 

Born and raised in Mexico City. BA in International Relations, worked for several renewable energy companies developing large scale solar and wind energy projects. 

Started working with drones in 2018 with Aerospec. Did aerial thermography on 4 continents. In 2019 founded Agrobyte. In 2020 founded Byte TS and bought NJ Drone Academy and Jersey Hobby assets to turn them into Byte Drone Center, AgroByte and AirByte Golf. Since then Luis has provided service to multiple clients in several fields. 

What do you do at AgroByte

Luis plays a pivotal role in AgroByte as the leader responsible for developing and expanding the company. He oversees a global team of specialists from various fields, leveraging their expertise to drive innovation and success. Luis fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the team, encouraging the exchange of ideas and the formation of strategic partnerships.

He helps growers, crop consultants, and food companies by connecting them with the tools, resources, and ideas necessary to manage their farms in the most efficient and sustainable manner. Through his leadership, Luis drives the company's mission of providing comprehensive solutions in digital agriculture, enabling clients to optimize their farming practices and achieve long-term success.

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Megan Cope

GIS Analyst

Megan is a GIS Specialist and FAA Part 107 certified drone pilot. She is the technical mastermind behind AgroByte's GIS solutions. With her expertise in GIS, drone technology, and software development, she ensures that AgroByte remains at the forefront of agricultural innovation. Megan leads the team in creating cutting-edge tools and
implementing advanced technologies. 

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Michael Migliorino

Research and Development

Michael was raised in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, He began his career at Agrobyte as an intern while in high school, and has since then taken on a variety of additional roles within the company. Within Agrobyte, Michael has been the primary content creator and instructor for part 107 courses.  He is also one of Agrobyte’s certified drone pilots, familiar with collecting various forms of data from properties and then converting the data into various forms of usable formats such as 3 dimensional maps, plant health indexes, spray maps, elevation maps, thermal images, multispectral images, and rgb images for inspections.

Tim Reinagel

Agronomist / Turf Management

Agronomist and Founder of Hawk Eye Spray Drone: Tim is an accomplished FAA Part 107 and FAA Part 137 certified agronomist with a specialized focus on golf courses. With over a decade of experience as a golf course superintendent, Tim brings a wealth of knowledge in turf management to the AgroByte team. In 2010, he embarked on the journey of developing a cutting-edge drone program for precision turf management, leveraging multispectral sensors and spraying drones. Tim's collaboration with AgroByte since 2020 has been a fruitful exchange, with both parties learning from each other's expertise. Tim's agronomic insights, combined with Luis's digital agriculture acumen, have resulted in innovative solutions that have revolutionized farming practices. As a trusted consultant for vegetation management, Tim continues to contribute his invaluable knowledge and experience, driving AgroByte's commitment to excellence in the field of digital agriculture. 

Brenda Mayorquin

Office Manager

Brenda Mayorquin, a 28-year-old sales professional from Hermosillo, Sonora, brings over 8 years of sales experience to her role as a Sales Representative at Byte Drone Center San Carlos in Mexico. Currently working as the office manager for the center in San Carlos. Brenda also manages the Agrobyte sector, ensuring seamless operations and customer satisfaction in the sales of agriculture spray drones. With exceptional interpersonal skills and a passion for emerging technologies, she has built a reputation for delivering tailored solutions and fostering strong client relationships. Brenda's commitment to excellence and continuous learning make her a valuable asset in the sales and drone technology industry.

Samuel Samaniego

Chief Agronomist

Samuel Samaniego, 33, is a highly skilled and accomplished individual with a diverse range of expertise in the fields of aviation and agricultural sciences. As a Multispectral Image Analyst for Diagnosis and Prediction in Agricultural Crops, primary responsibility is to utilize advanced image analysis techniques to analyze multispectral images of agricultural crops. Through this analysis, Samuel aim to diagnose crop health, detect diseases, and predict yield potential. Samuel work with cutting-edge remote sensing technologies and image processing tools to extract meaningful information from the multispectral data. By applying algorithms and models, Samuel can accurately monitor the condition of crops and identify any potential issues or risks they may face.

Matt Phillips

Administrative Assistant

Matt Phillips, 28 years old, originally from Tucson, Arizona, now resides in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. He is a sales representative at Byte Drone Center San Carlos and is currently training to become an FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilot. Additionally, Matt serves as an assistant to Brenda, the office manager, ensuring smooth operations. His passion for technology and dedication to his work make him an invaluable asset to the team.

Regina Komi

Video Editor

Talented video editor hailing from Nairobi Kenya, with a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail. She honed her skills in video editing through self-study and online courses, continuously pushing herself to improve her craft. She also has a B.A in communication and has worked with multiple organizations that deal with sustainable Agriculture as their videographer and editor. Her dedication and perseverance paid off when she landed a position at Agrobyte, which aligned perfectly with her interests in both technology and the agricultural sector.