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Demo T40 Santa Margarita Ranch

This past July 28th, we held an Agras T40 drone demostration in Guaymas, Sonora at the 30 hectars orange tree orchard, with the collaborations of our friends Droneland/DJI Agriculture from Sinaloa, Mexico.

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The use of drone mapping in agriculture has experienced a significant surge in recent years. The deployment of these devices not only facilitates the observation and monitoring of vast land expanses in less time but also provides accurate and valuable details for farmers. For instance, with drones, it's possible to detect areas of water stress, infestations, or nutritional deficiencies in crops.

The team was showing the participants a DJI Mavic 3 Multispectral drone, along with the D-RTK 2 High Definition GNSS Station for extra accuracy, this drone as its name suggests, is equipped with multispectral sensors that can capture information across different wavelengths of the visible and infrared spectrum. This capability is vital because different agricultural issues reflect and absorb light in diverse ways. By analyzing this information, farmers can make more informed decisions.

Also with this drone, we showed them the software that we have available and that match at the time to facilitate all the tasks of analysis. Having already a previous mapping that was produced with this M3M we were ready to fly the Agras T40.

 This last one, isn't just a mapping drone. It's a powerful agricultural tool that, besides conducting detailed mapping, can also undertake tasks like fumigation, water spreading, or dispersing phyto-sanitary products. This duality makes the T40 a valuable investment for those aiming to optimize their agricultural operations.

It's a perfect symbiosis between hardware and software that gives farmers a clearer perspective of their lands and allows them to make sharper decisions.

Lastly, the opportunity to share and discuss experiences with experts and other farmers is invaluable. Demonstrations like the one held at Santa Margarita Ranch are paramount for the adoption and understanding of these technologies. In a world where agriculture must be more sustainable and efficient, drones undoubtedly represent a key tool for the future of this sector.



If you are interested on participate or want us to do a demo to show you how those drones can help you in your field, send us a message in the chat, or schedule a call with us.


DEMO AGRAS T40 de Andrea Martínez



Dont forget to see this video we create about this past demo.


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