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Founded in 2019, revolutionizes agriculture by seamlessly integrating drones, sensors, and AI software. Our mission: empower farmers, boost yields, and reduce agrochemical usage. With our smart solutions, we optimize farming practices, providing precise recommendations and actionable insights.

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  • Digital Agriculture Training

    AgroByte is proud to offer comprehensive training programs and courses designed to equip growers, farmers, and drone service providers with the knowledge and skills to effectively leverage digital technologies in agriculture. Our training programs...

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  • Agriculture Drones and Software

    AgroByte is proud to present our Drones and Software Marketplace , offering a diverse range of state-of-the-art drones, sensors, and software specifically designed for precision agriculture. We understand that...

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  • Crop and Soil Health Analysis

    AgroByte is excited to offer our Crop and Soil Health Analysis service, leveraging advanced data analysis techniques to assess the health of your crops and soil. Our comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights into potential issues...

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  • Plant Count and Inventory Management

    AgroByte's Agricultural Plant Count and Inventory Management service offers accurate and efficient plant counting methods using drone imagery and state-of-the-art AI algorithms. Say goodbye...

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  • Water Stress Assessment

    Optimize your irrigation practices and maximize water resource utilization with AgroByte's innovative Water Stress Assessment service. Using advanced sensor data and remote sensing technologies, we analyze...

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  • RGB and Multispectral Mapping

    Discover how RGB and multi spectral mapping technologies are revolutionizing the way we approach agriculture. With advanced imaging techniques and data analysis, farmers and agronomists are unlocking...

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  • Precision Spraying

    Maximize the efficiency of your field treatments with AgroByte's revolutionary Drone Spraying service. By combining the power of satellite imagery, the cutting-edge Agras T40 drone by DJI, and survey-grade prescription maps, we...

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  • Yield Mapping and Analysis

    Unlock the full potential of your farm's productivity with AgroByte's cutting-edge Yield Mapping and Analysis service. Our advanced technology and data-driven approach empower farmers and agronomists to optimize...

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  • Treatments and Maintenance

    Expert guidance and personalized consulting to assist farmers in developing tailored digital agriculture strategies, optimizing workflows, and overcoming challenges for sustainable growth. 

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  • Contract Services

    AgroByte understands the importance of consistent crop health management for long-term productivity and success. That's why we offer customizable Contract Services designed to provide regular treatments...

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  • Insurance Services

    AgroByte understands the risks and uncertainties that farmers face every day. That's why we've partnered with leading insurance providers to offer specialized insurance policies tailored to the unique needs of farmers...

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  • Consulting Services

    AgroByte's Agricultural Consulting Services offer expert guidance and personalized consulting to empower farmers like you in developing tailored digital agriculture strategies. We understand the unique challenges you face...

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Looking For Financing Options?

Seeking agricultural credit to acquire essential tools for modernizing farming practices, such as drones, advanced software, and other agricultural necessities. Enhancing productivity and efficiency through technology driven solutions in agriculture. Agrobyte partnered with Ascentium Capital, Click below for your credit application.

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  • Our Location

    We are located in Ringoes, NJ in beautifule Hunterdon County. Less than 65 miles away from NYC and Philadelphia

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  • 6 Acres Flower Sample Farm

    We have a 6 acres sample farm that we use as our showroom where we collect data on a regular basis and fly our spraying drones.  Click on the
    image and get access to our multiple datasets.

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  • Our Classroom

    We have a comfortable high end equipped classroom for 12 students.

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  • Mobile Command Unit

    Our fully equipped mobile command unit, let us train you anywhere you need. 

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  • Training

    Our expert instructors provide comprehensive training programs that cover Part 107 and Part 137 regulations for drone operations in agriculture. Gain the necessary skills and knowledge to safely, and legally operate drones for agricultural purposes.

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  • Software

     Leverage our advanced imaging processing software to transform raw drone data into actionable insights. Analyze vegetation indices, crop health maps, and more, enabling you to make data-driven decisions for optimized crop management.

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  • Drones

    As an authorized DJI reseller, we offer a wide selection of top-quality drones specifically tailored for agricultural applications. From crop monitoring to mapping and beyond, our drones are equipped with advanced features to meet your specific needs.

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  • Spraying

    Our drone-based spraying service revolutionizes crop protection by delivering precise and targeted applications of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. This efficient approach minimizes waste, reduces environmental impact, and enhances crop health.

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    Also referred to as your Remote Pilot Certification, this license clearly demonstrates you understand the FAA's regulations, operating procedures and requirements for safely flying drones. To learn more, visit BYTE DRONE CENTER. Needed to legally fly a drone for commercial purposes. 60 test that must be taken at a FAA testing facility.

    Byte Drone Center 

    This license allows you to legally dispense chemical from a drone. To begin this process, you must first send a letter of intent to the FAA. Once the letter is submitted, you will work with your local Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO) to set up a series of meetings. Your FSDO will arrange a time to come to your location, do a verbal evaluation and watch you fly.

    More About FAA Regulation 

    If you want to fly over 55lb drones then you will need the FAA Section 44807 certification. Obtaining this certification can feel overwhelming due to the amount of documents, manuals and petitions you are required to submit to the FAA; however, AgroByte has partnered with the best consultant in the industry who will guide you flawlessly through this process. 

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